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Starting from 2007, interest of the share-holders of the company Healthy Water producing Georgian mineral water Nabeghlavi was connected to the revival of agriculture and development of food industry. This is when the history of the Marneuli Food Factory and Marneuli Agro starts. In 2009 the companies were united under Margebeli Holding. It is noteworthy that preferential funding of this project by Euro Bank (EBRD) with 18 million USD took place with the Nabeghlavi warranty as independently it was practically impossible to find any other financial resources for this sphere.

Margebeli Holding was founded in 2009 by Georgian and Swiss partners. The holding unites the Nabeghlavi mineral water producing company Tskali Margebeli [Healthy Water], the Marneuli Food Factory, Distribution company Endagi, One of the most inovative company in agriculture sphere Marneuli Agro and Teleti Margebelil farm.

In 2009 the Swiss State Economic Department (SECO) 's Start-Up Foundation financed Margebeli Holding by half a million Swiss francs.

Since 2007, more than 43 million lari has been invested from Healthy Water to create a system of agricultural production based on European standards.

The Marneuli Food Factory and Marneuli Agro's five-year workshop assured the company's shareholders and Nabeghlavi stockholders that agriculture is a complex and specific field that requires gradual development, sharing European experience and continuous investment. The country's current potential will be destroyed without taking into account the innovative approach of developed countries.