The opening of the new factory of JSC “Healthy Water” and “RAUCH”, one of the leading fruit juice companies in Europe.


„RAUCH”, one of the leading fruit juice and non-alcoholic beverage companies in Europe has commenced the cooperation with JSC “Healthy Water”, the producer of “Nabeghlavi” Water.

JSC “Healthy Water” has turned 20 years old, it is to be noted that this anniversary date coincides with the opening of the new multi-profile non-alcoholic beverage factory in village Nabeghlavi, Guria.  “Healthy Water” is producing not only Mineral water “Nabeghlavi” and Spring Water “Bakhmaro” but also “RAUCH” Juices, Ice-Tea, Lemonade and other non-alcoholic beverages. It is crucial for the country that the international brand products produced in Georgia will be exported to many other countries.

Since 1919, “RAUCH” has been one of the leading fruit processing and juice producing companies in Europe. “RAUCH” is sold in more than 100 countries.

The investment value of the factory amounted to 40 million EUR, the project was conducted with Austrian and Swiss partners, as well with the participation of EBRD.

Our factory is the great example of modern industry, it is fully compatible with the world standards and represents the region's largest enterprise. The 20 000 square meter new building and bridge on river Gubazeuli were built. Moreover, external infrustracter was arranged and seven production lines were installed. The technological planning and equipping of the factory has been fully provided by the world famous companies "Krones" and "Tetrapak". The renewable energy is used for heating and cooling of the plant.

The cooperation of "RAUCH” and "Healthy Water" will significantly contribute to the growth of export and economic development of the country.